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In recognition that all we have comes from God, the King, and creator of the universe, we will be making periodic contributions to organizations that are nominated by you.  Nominations can be made at any time and organizations will be randomly selected on a quarterly basis during the months of March, June, September, and December.  Payments will be made to the selected charity by the end of each quarter.

Please be sure to read all the fine print below so your nomination is accepted for consideration. Only nominations that meet The Project’s guidelines will be considered.


The Fine Print

  • By submitting a nomination, you agree to the following guidelines.

  1. The nominee must represent the work, grace, and compassion of Jesus Christ and the universal church.

  2. The nominee must be a government-recognized 501(c)3 organization.

  3. The nominee must not be associated with or support any political party, political action committee, or politically focused organization of any kind.

  4. The nomination must include the name of the nominee organization, your reason for nominating them, and the URL of their website for investigation and contact if needed.


  • The amount of the financial blessing will be determined based on the funds made available by the generous supporters of The Project.

  • A nomination review committee will investigate each nominee to determine if they meet The Project’s nomination guidelines. The review committee retains the right to reject any nominee from consideration.

  • Once all nominations are verified, they will be prayed over, and the winning organization will be selected at random.

  • Payment will be made to the winning organization by the end of the nomination cycle.

  • Publication of the selected nominee and the amount of financial blessing will be made public through this website and our Facebook page.

  • All acceptable nominees that are not selected in a nomination cycle will automatically be included in the next nomination cycle.


If you would like to nominate an organization for consideration please submit the Charity Nomination Form on this page.

Charity Nomination Form

See The Fine Print on the left before making a nomination.


Thanks for your nomination!

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